Terms of use

  1. 1. Scope of terms of use

    You can use as „User” these homepages (interim.hu, interim-cee.eu) supported by Interim Vezető Szolgáltató Kft. in Hungarian and English under the present Terms of use.

    By using/searching on the homepages you accept the present Terms of use without limitations and/or modifications. If you do not want to fully accept the Terms of use, please do not visit the homepages.

    2. Rights pertaining to the content of the Homepages

    The full content of the Homepages – all texts and images („Content”) – represent the intellectual property of Interim Vezető SzolgáltatóKft. or third parties upon which we keep all rights unless it is indicated differently.

    Furthermore, any such Content representing a (commercial) brand, logo or other sign,is the registered or unregistered trademark of Interim Vezető Szolgáltató Kft. or third parties.

    Any use of the Content is prohibited, except under these Terms of Use or based on written consent of an authorized person (see in detail under Point 3).

    Interim Vezető Szolgáltató Kft. reminds you that it will use all available legal (even under penal code) means and possibilities to protect its intellectual property from unauthorized use.

    3. Use of the homepages

    Interim Vezető Szolgáltató Kft. permits the use of the homepages with the following conditions:

    a. Downloading of certain Contents is authorized only for private use if all remarks concerning copyright and other rights of owners are fully kept;

    b. Downloading,transfer, imaging, reuse, publication, editing, modification and copying or sale and any further use (independently from the former paragraph) of the Content is permitted only with the written consent of Interim Vezető Szolgáltató Kft.;

    c. It is forbidden to use the homepages to place or transfer materials which are offensive, threatening, misleading, false, pornographic, discriminating, detrimental to public morals, or other materials which can hurt or diminish other’s integrity, reputation,honor or their physical and intellectual integrity, e.g. calling third persons to behave not according to penal code or other legal stipulations. Interim Vezető Szolgáltató Kft. will co-operate with the authorities to identify those persons violating this prohibition.

    d. It is prohibited to use the homepages for any marketing activities, the User cannot send unsolicited e-mails („spam”), untrue warnings on viruses, mistakes or similar materials. The User cannot invite or call anyone to participate in any gambling, chain e-mails, Ponzi scheme or similar activities.

    4. Data protection

    All personal data provided in e-mail or by the use of the homepages will be managed according to procedures defined in the Data Protection Information of Interim Vezető Szolgáltató Kft.

    5. Responsibility

    The content of the homepages can be modified any time and we shall publish it always in a view-able form and setup without any guarantee or promise,proposal (specifically but not exclusively with regard to any usage,or usefulness or promise or proposal waiving any third parties’rights). Interim Vezető Szolgáltató Kft. specifically cannot take any responsibility for the content of forums, blogs, discussions,transfers or similar activities.

    We are not liable for the continuous or faultless availability of the homepage, or for the information being entire, correct and timely.

    We are liable fort he security of the homepages, guaranteeing that the homepage or the server through which they are accessible are virus-free.

    The use of the homepages is at the risk and responsibility of the visitor.

    You undertake to indemnify – on the scale allowed by the relevant Hungarian legal stipulations – Interim Vezető Szolgáltató Kft., its officers,directors, employees, contracted partners, suppliers for all losses,liabilities, expenses, damages and costs, including all reasonable legal and juridical costs, which occurred due to the use by you of the homepage and as a result of breach of these Terms of use. If any fault of the homepages is due to you, you take responsibility for all losses, liabilities, expenses, damages and costs, including reasonable legal and juridical costs, originated or resulted from this fault.

    Interim Vezető Szolgáltató Kft. has the right to deny accessibility to the homepages at any time, specifically in case the User breaches these Terms of use.

    6. References

    The homepages may contain references to third parties’ homepages. As Interim Vezető Szolgáltató Kft. is not able to control or influence the content of these homepages, it is not liable for those or for the security of the homepage or for the activities of the owner. Interim Vezető Szolgáltató Kft. excludes its liability for those links on which the referenced homepages or their content:

    • Breach the intellectual property rights of third parties;
    • Contain information which are not true, full or are misleading;
    • Not appropriate for certain use;
    • Not sufficiently secure;
    • Contain viruses or other harmful program or contents;
    • Contain contents which are offensive or malevolent.

    7. Amendment of Terms of use

    Interim Vezető Szolgáltató Kft. reserves its right to modify these Terms of use at any time, without notice by refreshing this document. It is always the actual document which is valid for you, thus we encourage you to visit this page in order to learn the actual conditions.

    8. Applicable law, court of jurisdiction

    In relation to these Terms of use and to the Homepages the Hungarian law and Hungarian courts are competent.