As plant manager, operations director he gainedmany years of experience in different industries. He has outstandingmanagerial skills; he consciously motivates and supports members ofhis team. He proved is competency mostly in the automotive andelectronic industries. More than once he was tasked with transformingthe entire production and processes and implementation. Hisorganizational skill is outstanding; he knows how to integrate newteam members and processes. His mindset is system and process driven,focusing on developing his colleagues, on continuous improvement ofthe organization. As a result of his performance, plants where he wasthe top manager got significant orders from clients abroad. Heintroduced new management systems; he is familiar with the culture oflarge multinational companies, he used to work for American, Europeanand Asian companies.

Maincompetencies, features

Continuously developed engineer knowledge
High standard industrial knowledge
Familiarity with multinational environment


Thinking in systems
Team player
Excellent people manager

Master of processes
Leading by example


  • Project manager (1992) – Corvinus University of Economy, Budapest

  • Postgraduate diploma in electrical engineering (1984) – Technical University of Budapest

  • Electrical engineer (1981) – Technical University of Budapest

Training courses

Leadership: efficientchange management - OPERA method,Hungary, 2014; ICG Barnes & Conti Influencing – Hungary, 2012;Flow management academy – Hungary, 2010; Presentation skills –Hungary, 2010; Preventive Index – continuous learning program –Florida, USA, 2008.

Businessskills: Miller Heiman conceptualand strategic sales training – Hungary2011, Negotiationtechniques - Focus $elling – Hungary,2006

Operations,continuous improvement, quality: Leadingthe Lean Lifestyle – Hungary, 2007, Six Sigma Project ChampionTraining – Germany, 2005, Project management - 6 sigma – Hungary,2004, Quality Operating System for Operations – Michigan, USA 2001.


  • 3 years as interim manager

  • 15+ years as General Manager

  • 5 years as business development manager

Work experience

AB Kft. –Hungary

(Foreignowner, Tier2 automotive factory)


Main achievements

  • Change management, revising and transforming processes

  • development: organization and colleagues

  • Introducing new processes


SB Kft. –Hungary 
(400+ headcount, 3D printing, plastic prototypesfor automotive (OEM and Tier1) and for medical instruments.


Responsibilities,main task, achievements:

Development andimplementation of processes, complete quality assurance and processcontrol. Leading the Management Team (20 people) (Production,Engineering, SCM, Quality Assurance, Sales, Finance), full P&Lresponsibility. Increasing revenue, introducing world classmanufacturing (5S, LEAN), implementing QMS for ISO 9001 standard.Culture change: establishing the new mindset “Quality above all”.Moving the company to the new site, using the new systematicapproach.


GR Europe –Hungary 
(50 direct reports, automated MGF solutions forautomotive industry OMF and Tier1 – lighting and plastic parts)

Sales andBusiness Development Director

Responsibilities,main task, achievements:

The Europeanbusiness development and sales as the driver of the European salesproduced 25% growth, price negotiations resulted in higher return oninvestment (ROI) and growing profitability (20%). Supporting andleading Operations, improving manufacturing capacity and efficiency,optimizing material flow, preparing process descriptions, creatingtraceability.


HP Zrt. -Hungary
(a global leader in manufacturing, with supply chainsolutions)

Business LeadDirector

Responsibilities,main task, achievements:

Businessdevelopment and coordination in the whole of Europe, full P&Lresponsibility, managing the whole site. 10 large business units, 1.8billion USD revenue, 15 direct reports and 6000 indirect reports.Implementing ISO 13485, developing the medical instrument businessfor the global market. The revenue grew by 20%, the inventory stockdecreased by 10%, client management improved, Best in Class for 4clients. launching corporate initiatives (business, operations,supply chain) in the whole of Europe.


HQ Zrt. –Hungary 
(one of the global leaders in manufacturing, withsupply chain solutions)

Unit Head

Responsibilities,main task, achievements:

As a member ofthe Management Team of the site, full P&L responsibility, GMresponsibility vis-à-vis key clients. Launching a new automotiveunit from scratch, business managements, business development,managing information requests, managing calls for proposal, managingcalls for bid. Transferring production from the USA, France, Japan,automotive, IT and medical instrument making companies. Leading theimplementation of TS 16949, introducing new automotive means: APQP,PPAP, PSO, PSW, 8D, process flow, FMEAs, CIP, 6 sigma, LEAN. Revenueincreased by 40%, leading price negotiations, achieving a 15%reduction of costs. In this position he was the most successfulmanager of the site.


LF Zrt. –Hungary
(Tier1/Tier2 automotive and supplier)


Responsibilities,main task, achievements:

Greenfieldinvestment, he was leading the establishment and launch of a newoperation up to world class manufacturing, full P&Lresponsibility. In 3 years he doubled the revenue, implemented ISO9002, led the entire company, making 500.000 USD revenue, with 5direct and 100 indirect reports. He led the development process of anew production unit, organized the supply chain, quality assurance,introduced a new ERP, implementing just-in-time and Kanban systems.


SD MagyarországZrt. – Hungary
(Tier1/Tier2 automotive and supplier)


Responsibilities,main task, achievements:

In a greenfieldproject, he planned, established and implemented a totally newoperation system. He won and launched new automotive orders. He ledthe entire company, producing 400,000 USD revenue, with 4 direct and100 indirect reports. He was managing two companies at the same time,proving to be an exceptional talent in organizing work.


XY MagyarországZrt. – Hungary
(Producing high volumes of electronic parts,diodes, transistors, for the global market)

FirstVice-President and Industrial Director

Responsibilities,main task, achievements:

He was in chargeof the profitability and operation of two factories, full P&Lresponsibility. He acquired new orders for which he created thenecessary manufacturing capacities. He increased the output, managedthe merger of the two companies, implemented ISO 9002, he led annualprice negotiations, produced an annual 25% revenue growth. Heachieved a 10% cost reduction, under his leadership the company’srevenue reached 300 million USD, with 15 direct and 2000 indirectreports.


ZY Zrt. –Hungary
(Producing high volumes of electronic parts, diodes,transistors, for the global market)

Technicalmanager (factory director)

Responsibilities,main task, achievements:

Managingtechnical operation: Engineering, Manufacturing, Supply Chain,Quality Assurance, full P&L responsibility, transferringproduction. The profit grew by 12%, with 4 direct and 50 indirectreports.


QA Kft. –Hungary
(Producing high volumes of electronic parts, diodes,transistors, for the global market)


Responsibilities,main task, achievements:

Producing highvolumes of electronic parts (diodes and transistors) for the Europeanmarket. At first he worked as a product development engineer, andlater as production manager of the entire silicon chip plant(manufacturing integrated circuits). The production output grew by20%, he applied statistical process controlling. 8 direct and 200indirect reports.


English:negotiation level
French: negotiation level

>IT Skills and competencies

User knowledge ofWord, Excel, PowerPoint, software supporting production management