Restructuring of the commercial processes

Root position

The client was a market leader, privately owned metal trading company which recicles and processes metal, with 100 employees, 5 parks and with 17 billion HUF annual income.

Tasks of the project

From and strenghten trading processes (metal purchasing, selling and processing) controlling the commercial organisation.


The volatility of the market and the exchange market, the insecurity of politics (the possible privatisation of waste-processing) made us to intruduce the weekly planning of the partner visitations, to make regular marketing and purchase campaignes to improve the company’s presence ont ha market. Cold calls were introduced based on inner and purchased data bases.

We started to controll and supervise the prices of the stocks and the purchase prices. With the reduction of selling and delivery limitations we lowered the unit costs, we optimised the provision of the goods.

Occasional and central inspection of receivables and stores we improved the cash flow. In the field of inner metal processing we ordered occasional, weekly production plans and the control of the results. 

In order to elevate the results of the corporation, the wole park system was renewed and the interim manager made a complex action plan in the field of leadership and it was put into the owner’s hands.