Private Equity company for sale

Our client, a Private Equity company, was looking for an interim chairman of the board, a consultant to manage processes and communicate with the owners, someone who was experienced in the given industry (high tech) besides rich in top management experience.

Stabilizing the market position of the well-functioning company, putting it on a path of continuous, sustainable growth, and then selling it was the investor’s target cross. We have personalized our offer, in which we have tailored our activities to the jointly defined goals:

“In our opinion, based on preliminary acquaintances, the time required for the first 12 months of operational presidency can be divided into 3 stages. In the first three months we need four days a week (getting acquainted, compiling a strategy and divide it into activities and periods, securing this year’s sales). In the next three months we count three days a week (strategic planning, negotiating with major clients, finalizing the interest system, controlling system, launching major cost – cutting projects). In the last six months two busy days a week are expected. In this calculation, we have taken into account the retention of the current CEO, if this could not happen, we will also undertake to fill the position of interim CEO and manage the new permanent CEO search in addition to a higher weekly occupancy ”.

Our remuneration was divided into a monthly fixed fee, in return for which we undertook the above goals, and a major success fee, which was tied to the successful (reaching a pre-determined amount) sale of the company. In the end, it took longer time than originally planned, but we closed the project to everyone’s satisfaction, and the company has been operating successfully ever since.