Improving material flow efficiency


Transformation of the client’s internal logistics processes, especially to improve the efficiency and the material supply of the warehousing processes and production.

Detailed tasks:

  • Condition review of the internal material flow, detailed interviews with the involved staff
  • Condition review of warehouse material managing system
  • Submission of a detailed action and measure plan for the transformation, of material supply and storage processes based on the condition review’s results.
  • Transformation and optimization of the production material service process.
  • Launch and testing the new structure in the production and warehouse management field, optimization of storage process.
  • Continuous training of concerned workers.
  • Documentation of modified processes (work instructions, task flow description, process mapping).
  • Continuous quality control and regular reporting to reach KPIs of the client or to its representative during the transformation:
  • productivity growth
  • reduction of downtime due to material shortages
  • measuring and signaling redundancies or redundancy opportunities due to positive changes
  • After the successful transformation of the selected production area, extending the new method within the whole organization.
  • Participation in the recruitment, selection and training process of the final internal logistics manager, continuous and complete transfer of tasks and responsibilities.


  • Operating productivity increased by 15%
  • Downtime due to material shortages fell below 2%
  • Due to the internal reorganization of manpower, the number of labour force was reduced by 20%
  • The interim manager received a job offer and stayed within the company as an employee after the project.