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Temporary Lack of Resources

Turnover problems? Did someone leave unexpectedly? Is someone on maternity leave or sabbatical? It is essential to find a solution right away for your problem to keep up with your competitors. We are working with suitable interim managers who can evaluate the situation, figure out where the lack of human resources causes a problem and can provide your company with a temporary solution.

„Hiring an employee takes more time and costs more money than having an interim manager working on the project for a given period.”

Project Management

How to avoid missing deadlines and exceeding budgets? As a rule, project management is something complex to be done on top of one’s daily tasks. Probably this function will not be needed anymore once the project has been accomplished; therefore, it is important to have an experienced project manager. Your company must be up to date when accomplishing a project in a continuously changing industry.

In such an environment it is hard to keep the project team motivated all the time; it is up to you to quickly react to the changes of the market. There may be no one in your organization who would be suitable or available to tackle the task.

„We make sure to provide you at once with a highly educated project leader with proven experience.”

Crisis Management

Crisis should not necessarily entail losses. As a result of a seemingly harmless decision, you may be forced three months later to file for bankruptcy. With the appropriate professional background even such a rough time in your company’s life can take a positive turn. With more than 17 years of experience under our belt we can say that we have seen a lot of things, and so far, we have always found good solutions. It is important not to be ashamed of the situation, many companies face hard times.

„A truly responsible leader is never afraid admitting to be unable to resolve an issue without help.”

What We Offer A Solution For

GAP management

Case study:
Restiration of the financial field

Project management

Case study:
Improving material flow efficiency

Change management

Case study:
Scaling up a relocated production

Optimizing business processes

Case study:
Establishment and strengthening of sales processes

Case study

Case study:
Private Equity company for sale

Deployment of specialists

Case study:
Scale up

Startup / Scale up

Case study:
Private Equity company for sale