A truly responsible leader is never afraid of admitting to be unable to solve an issue without help.

Our goal is to understand your issues and based on that make a diagnosis. After that we take the applicable steps to achieve success. We have more than 17 years of experience: successfully managed more than 500 projects and had 400-plus satisfied clients. So far, we have worked with about 3500 interim managers.

These numbers prove that we not only talk about goals but do accomplish them. Hiring an employee takes more time and costs more money than having an interim manager for a specific task or a given period.

What is more important than numbers? The fact that your company will always be in our focus. We help you to achieve what you want and take full responsibility for the project or your company’s operation.

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Years of experience

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Satisfied clients

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Interim managers

Quality and Dedication

• We have a Code of Ethics and a Quality Assurance System.

• During the entire project, we continuously inform you about the stages of the process; based on evaluation and measurement we can make quick adjustments.

• We provide you a dedicated project manager who will help the interim manager and your company to achieve the objectives.

Precision and Efficiency

• We make an accurate diagnosis of the issues and understand them.

• Based on the plan drawn together with you, we accomplish the task.

• We continuously measure the progress to reach the goal.

Reliability and Payback

• In-house brawls are never on the carpet; the interim manager is not competing with you or any of your managers.

• A quick solution is delivered by an experienced leader, so that your company could keep its strong market position. Therefore, our first meeting is an audition.

• A short-term investment in interim management guarantees a long-term payback for your company.

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